Learn new things from your wild data.

Problems and data come in many forms and shapes. Recognai makes artificial intelligence solutions that fit your problems and data shapes.

  • Transparent

    Don’t believe single number metrics. things like precision are meaningless, unless, you prove them with your own data.

  • Human-centered

    We strive to let you know where and why predictive models don't understand your data, and act upon these problems.

  • Search-driven

    When data and predictions come together in a search engine, you can create new data assets, search endpoints and evolve your models.


    Extract information from unstructured content: entities, roles, concepts and relationships.


    Learn and predict what you need from structured and unstructured sources: semantics, topics, and similarities.


    Give structure, explain and query what you process: taxonomies, entities, properties and relationships.

  • Francisco Aranda Montes


  • Daniel Vila Suero


  • Amélie Viallet

    Product lead

  • Leire Aguirre Eguiluz

    UI developer

  • Prof. Asun Gómez Pérez


  • Paco Nathan


The National Library of Spain releases a more intuitive online catalogue.

Our technology is used by the National Library of Spain to power their data service datos.bne.es. This award-winning project provides a unified view and a search engine over 25 million bibliographic resources and documents. Our technology, developed during the PhD work of one of our co-founders, is used since 2011 to create and mantain one of the largest knowledge graphs in the Spanish language.

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