Integrate data and text

Your organization's knowledge lives within disconnected data sources, such as emails, customer and product databases or voice phone calls. Our semantic technology allows you to integrate your data sources so you can get a unified view and more comprehensive responses to your business questions.


You analyze, it learns

We believe that data analytics should be search-driven and predictive models should be reactive. With our technology you can analyze large scale data sources and train predictive models as you go, resorting to simple user interaction patterns just like searching, filtering or checking your email inbox.



Combining semantic data integration with information extraction, our technology builds a unified view over your data sources. You can use this unified view to get more intelligent responses from your data and documents, through a search interface or programatically via APIs.


Portable predictive models

As you interact with the technology, several predictive models are built, react and get better at understanding your business. We believe that predictive models should not only be reactive but portable. You can then export these predictive models, use them as an API to enhance other parts of your business and train them within other contexts.

We are Recognai


Spin-off from the Technical University of Madrid. We combine industrial expertise on building complex architectures for real-time and large-scale data projects with several years of experience leading R&D projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and semantic technologies.

Meet our team:

_Francisco Aranda Montes, Co-founder

Software artisan with several years experience building large-scale data and real-time architectures. Containers everywhere.


_Daniel Vila Suero, Co-founder

PhD in Artificial Intelligence (UPM, 2016) with a passion for semantic technologies, natural language processing and machine learning. Creator of marimba and the datos.bne.es knowledge graph. From symbols to vectors and viceversa.


_Asunción Gómez Pérez, Advisor

Full professor at the Technical University of Madrid and director of the Ontology Engineering Group, an internationally renowned R&D lab in semantic technologies. She was awarded in 2015 with the Spanish National Prize in Computer Science.



rtve 10.3.2015

"La Biblioteca Nacional estrena un catálogo online más intuitivo"

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Our technology is used by the National Library of Spain to power their data service datos.bne.es. This award-winning project provides a unified view and a search engine over 25 million bibliographic resources and documents. Our technology, developed during the PhD work of one of our co-founders, is used since 2011 to create and mantain one of the largest knowledge graphs in the Spanish language.

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_Campus Madrid

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